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Markus Dutschke is currently doing / did research in the following topics of condensed matter physics:

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electron-positron interaction t.b.d.
Temperature dependent properties in the infinite-dimensional Hubbard model with a magnetic field Simulation of properties like effective mass, magnetisation and spectral function in the infinite-dimensional Hubbard model for different temperatures and magnetic field strengths. Thereby a CT-QMC impuritysolver is used and compared to results of a NRG calculation of 2007.
continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo
CTQMC is a impurity solver for DMFT. When calculating the partition function of the single impurity Anderson modell (SIAM), one encounters a high dimensional integration. This integration can not be covered fully, as the resulting Hilbert space is too large. The idea of CTQMC is, to sample through this Hilbert space with a Monte Carlo algorithm. The weight of each configuration is equivalen to the value of the integrand of the above mentioned integration.
Iterative Perturbation Theory (IPT) in DMFT IPT is the simplest solver for the DMFT impurity problem and derives the dressed impurity Green function from the Weiss field.
Lanczos algorithm Design of a 1 dimensional Hubbard chain with nearest neighbour electron hopping by binary operations. One can get the groundstate for this system by using the Lanczos algorithm. Further follows the Green function and hence the densety of states.